Gold Coast Crypto Currency Seminar

On Friday 22nd December 2017 Shane Reynolds gave a seminar on Bitcoin and Crypto Currency at the Surfers Paradise Marriott Hotel. With the development of blockchain technology and the rapid growth of the crypto-currency market, new opportunities appear consistently in the field of Investment. The traditional economy changes its form, new values arise in the digital “world” and a significant role in these processes is played by decentralised technologies, in which cryptocurrencies and digital tokens play a critical role. Shane touched on the fact that most private investors and even many professional participants do not have enough knowledge about the crypto currency markets or find it difficult to make a choice from a variety of objects for investment. For them, it is important not to miss the opportunities to get additional income but be well versed in financial literacy on the subject. That’s why Shane launched Crypto Capital Partners, see (

Photography from Fridays event: